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Innovation Is Born! Otero Menswear For The Short(er) Man Up To 5’9’’

This article was first published in High Style Attitude by Aspen Luxury Life Magazine. A big congratulations to Refresh Agency client Otero Menswear with the launch March 2018!

It’s official: Colorado-based Otero Menswear is pioneering with 3D Proportional Sizing to provide men 5’4’’ to 5’9’’ a better way to dress. Steve Villanueva, co-founder and CEO of Otero Menswear, is an enthusiastic Aspen lover, and a successful serial entrepreneur with decades of international business and sustainable and humane supply chain expertise in the fashion and wellness industries. We love that!
Innovation is born from the struggle
As is often the case, the most wildly successful and innovative products are designed by the person who experiences a problem, and has the will and resourceful creativity to solve it. At 5′ 7″ tall, Steve Villanueva has personally experienced a lifetime of frustration while searching for high quality menswear that actually fit him.
Otero Menswear is high-quality fashion-forward clothing and accessories intelligently designed for the shorter man’s height, body type, and size to ensure a fit that is intentional and precise from the width of the collar to the length of the hems. To create the perfect proportional fit for the shorter man, the team collected and analysed body measurement data from over 10,000 men who had heights ranging from 5’4’’ to 5’9’’ (1.63 to 1.75 meters). In each case, they studied body measurements essential to a comfortable, attractive fit (chest, waist, hip, inseam, height) and analyzed the ratios between these essential dimensions. The result was the proprietary 3D proportional Sizing methodology – Height (5’4’’ – 5’9’’), Size (s – xxl) and Body Type (triangular or regular) with 21 essential combinations.
How well a garment fits each individual body depends on how well the designer captures the essential dimensions, but if a sizing system doesn’t account for exact height and body type, then no garment will fit well. For example, a man with a chest size of 40” might be 5’5”, or he might be 5’8”.  Should these two men wear the same length shirt? Of course not! But in most stores, they both have to settle for a generic “Medium” size that looks awkwardly long or short.
Our unique 3D sizing allows for a more aesthetic appeal as the shirt looks properly proportioned to the individual’s body and provides a superior fit to typical ‘off-the-rack’ menswear.” – states Co-founder and CEO, Steve Villanueva.
Otero’s emphasis on inclusivity and self-confidence in the design of their men’s clothing label represents a new model for thinking, acting and speaking out on behalf of a customer segment that, globally, makes up over 40% of all men.
Since the advent of mass production, men’s clothing brands have designed to an imaginary “average” body type based on a man who is 5’10”-5’11”, resulting in clothes that are too long and disproportionately designed for the shorter man. This approach completely ignores that fact that 40% of men are below 5’9”, and men in general have fundamentally differing body types, which is the key to an impeccable fit.
Colorado-based HQ. International Vision
With maturing age, we tend to become wiser, and realize the kind of life we want to live and how we want to contribute to our families as well as the larger society living a life of deeper purpose and meaningful relations. Colorado invites to a lifestyle unlike many places in the world with access to incredible nature during all seasons from skiing to trail running, and the Otero team lives an active, outdoor lifestyle. Our families are based in Colorado, and this is where we call home. The fact that some of our favorite towns in Colorado also sports the highest level of education, and entrepreneurial businesses, with a strong international worldview, we could not think of a better place to call our HQ and home.
Motivated by making a difference for people
Steve believes that he is most successful and most personally fulfilled when he is able to find a better way to do something and then share it with others—a better way that is practical and, most importantly, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of others. This belief is at the heart of the company and the driving force behind everything Otero Menswear does.
Rituals boosts confidence                                                                                                                               Being a shorter man can also come with a host of other challenges such as low self-confidence as society heralds height as a significant value to being a ‘real man’.
When a man dresses well, with clothing that is tailored to his needs, he feels confident and able to project the best image of the man he really is. Harvard studies have proven that affirming, repeatable morning behaviors (drinking coffee from a favorite mug, going for a run) send signals to your brain that reduce stress levels while improving self-confidence. “At Otero we believe that the act of putting on a finely-crafted garment that you know fits you well, is an essential, everyday ritual that helps prepare your brain for confidence and high-performance.” – says Steve Villanueva.
“What’s interesting about the studies is that physiological measures show that if you engage in a ritual prior to a potentially high-anxiety task, like speaking in public or solving a complex issue, you end up being calmer by the time you approach the task and more confident in what you’re about to do. Because of that, you perform better,” adds Brett Lawrence CFO and co-founder of Otero Menswear. He continues, “We would like Otero to be that confidence ritual. Our customers can rest assured that when they wear Otero, they look their best in apparel designed to fit their body type and height, so they can focus on other elements to perform at their best.”
Responsible Fashion Aiming To Empower 
Emphasising elegant simplicity, intelligent functionality, and high artistic quality is at the core of the brand, and so the Otero line features favorite basics that you will wear again and again. The launch line consists of a range of polos from basic everyday wear to high-end garments and t-shirts in best-selling styles and colors. All of the garments are created from the finest natural cotton fibers and feature Otero’s signature 3D Proportional
Sizing, and are affordably priced between $59 and $149. The strong and beautiful collection is complemented by a range of accessories handcrafted in durable, luxurious full grain leather by a family of Greek artisans, who have paired with the Otero designers to craft a custom line of products for professional men on the go.
The color palette highlights classic and all-around fashionable colors that are eye-catching in any context. Because the Otero team strongly believes in responsible living and sound business practices, the apparel and accessories are exquisitely crafted with classic lines and colors that will look fashion-forward for years to come.
Otero Menswear is available at OteroMenswear.com

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